Hot Humid House Design Considerations (Tropical)


(Examples: Darwin, Townsville, Broome)


* High humidity with a degree of "dry season".

 * High temperatures year round.

* Minimum seasonal temperature variation.

Lowest diurnal (day/night) temperature range.


* Employ lightweight (low mass) construction.

* Maximise external wall areas (plans with one room depth are ideal) to encourage movement of breezes through the building.

* Site for exposure to breezes and shading all year.

* Shade whole building summer & winter (consider using a fly roof).

* Use reflective insulation & vapour barriers.

* Ventilate roof spaces.

* Use bulk insulation if mechanically cooling.

* Choose light coloured roof and wall materials.

* Elevate building to permit airflow beneath floors.

* Consider high or raked ceilings.

* Provide screened, shaded outdoor living areas.

* Consider creating sleepout spaces.

* Design and build for cyclonic conditions.

Examples of homes

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