Developing technologies


Solar technologies and design continue to change.

Here we feature a series of technology profiles and significant papers written by society members.

The needs of the developing world and the developed world are different, but ANZSES philosophy is to promote technologies that use solar energy and the more efficient use of energy - minimizing demand. Both in the context of the societies where they are used.

The range of applications of solar technologies is wide. Whether we look at providing electrical power for whole remote townships or just one LED lighting system for a mountain village home in Nepal we are relying on the same underlying technology.

As the planet faces the threats of global warming and the effects of diminishing oil supplies, we are investing in benign technologies that utilize the sun.

Here are a selected series of papers that look at topical issues that face every nation. They are taken from various sources, but all were written by ANZSES members and either published in our magazine "Solar Progress" or at our annual solar conferences.

The costs of Solar Thermal, and Nuclear power Compared
Dr David Mills AUSRA Inc

Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy (slide presentation)
Dr Mark Diesendorf

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