Enviromentally friendly house design factors for Warm Temperate Climates


 (Examples Perth, Adelaide Melbourne, Sydney)


* Low diurnal (day/night) temperature range near coast to high diurnal range inland.

* Four distinct seasons. Summer and winter can exceed human comfort range. Spring and autumn are ideal for human comfort.

* Mild to cool winters with low humidity.

* Hot to very hot summers with moderate humidity.


* Use passive solar principles.

* High thermal mass solutions are recommended.

* Use high insulation levels, especially to thermal mass.

* Maximise north facing walls & glazing, especially in living areas with passive solar access.

* Minimise all east & west glazing. Use adjustable shading.

* Use heavy drapes with sealed pelmets to insulate windows.

* Minimise external wall areas (especially E & W).

* Use cross ventilation & passive cooling in summer.

* Encourage convective ventilation and heat circulation.

* Site new homes for solar access, exposure to cooling breezes and protection from cold winds.

* Draught seal thoroughly and use entry airlocks

* No auxiliary heating or cooling is required in these climates with good design

* Use reflective insulation to keep out summer heat.

* Use bulk insulation to keep heat in during winter. Bulk insulate walls, ceilings and exposed floors.

Examples of Homes


Bayswater WA - Armada Street181.3 KB


New Home



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