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The ANZSES magazine "Solar Progress" has been published for over thirty years. The current and future editions are available to members on-line.

Here you will find news and articles about renewable energy applications, ideas and new directions.

The magazine is in two sections: freely available articles and those available to members only.

If you would like to browse through older editions, a selection of Back numbers may be found here.

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January 2008 Issue

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Solar 2007 Alice Springs - The Annual ANZSES conference



Vale David Oppenheim

In November last year. David Oppenheim passed away. David was not only a prominent architect and pioneer of low energy buildings but a significant person in ANZSES. He was sometime Chairman and a very active member of the society.

Here, you will find two reflections on his life and work.

One of these refers to his extraordinary idea of using the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne to house a large wind turbine to power the Docklands area. The concept was used on the cover of Solar Progress.

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Vale David Oppenheim 370.29 KB

'Graphic Interace'



Mega Watt output balloon engines to meet renewable energy targets
By Ian Edmonds, www.solartran.com.au

The concept of a balloon engine, mode of operation and elementary theory of reciprocating balloon engines that operate over heights of several thousand metres with thermal efficiencies greater than 5% is described. Preliminary performance and cost estimates for engines in the 50 kW to 0.5 MW range suggest the installed cost per unit power output is similar to that of other renewable energy systems and decreases with system size. As opposed to other engines there appears to be no inherent limitation on engine size. It is envisaged that the engines would be operated as summer peak supply units to complement wind turbines in a renewable energy supply system. ......................


Is South Australia leading the way in renewables?

It is sometimes claimed that South Australia leads Australia in the application of renewable energy. The statistics, particularly for installed wind capacity, certainly support the claim. Here we look at what might be driving the transition. ......


South Australia to reward consumers

South Australia to reward consumers with 44cent/kWh for solar electricity under new legislation passed in February .

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Chlorination Of Swimming Pools Using Photovoltaic Power
By Kame Y. Khouzam

Chlorine is used in swimming and spa pools to control algae, kill bacteria and to oxidise organic matter. Photovoltaic (PV) power was applied to an electrolysis cell to produce liquid chlorine using a brine of sodium chloride. Proper sizing of the PV array and the electrolytic cell can provide excellent matching performance between solar radiation and chlorine load with little or no backup required. Using PV for salt-water chlorination is an effective way to semi-automate the input of chlorine into the swimming pool. If adopted, PV-based chlorinators promise a cheaper and cleaner alternative to mains power.......
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Letter from Kevin Dobson on the economics of PV

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Renewable Energy Courses in Australian and New Zealand Universities
By Chacko Thomas, Phillip Jennings and Bob Lloyd

Renewable energy is a rapidly developing industry and its growth is dependent to a large extent on the availability of skilled personnel to design, install and maintain systems. ...............
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Lighting The World's Dark Places

Through his imagination and drive one man has brought renewable light into the lives of 100,000 people round the world. But Dave Irvine-Halliday won't stop till he's helped 1.6 billion. ..................................Read more 205.56 KB


ANZSES was at the Bali Meeting in December.

Mahalath Halperin Reports 17.28 KB.....


ANZSES Loses another friend

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Masdar City

Abu Dhabi broke ground on Masdar City, the world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city just a few weeks ago.

An essential driver for the development of the city is carbon finance. Carbon emissions reduced by Masdar City will be monetized under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism.

Masdar will maximize the benefits of sustainable technologies, such as photovoltaic cells and concentrated solar power, through an integrated planning and design approach.

By implementing these technologies, Masdar City will save the equivalent of more than US $2 billion in oil over the next 25 years, based on today's energy prices. The city will also create more than 70,000 jobs and will add more than two percent to Abu Dhabi's annual GDP..........

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Victoria's North Western Region

Victoria's Building Commission has recently undertaken performance audits in the North Western region of the state, with 81 per cent of new dwellings inspected listed to install either a solar hot water system or water tank....

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